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Q: Do you work with motor clubs?
A: Yes, we currently provide service for AAA, Agero, Asurion, Coach-Net, GEICO, Nation Safe Drivers and Quest Towing.  You may always request Grube's through your provider, however, your motor club will determine if the service you require can be covered in full.  Contacting your motor club first is the fastest way to receive service.  

Q: Can I schedule a tow for tomorrow?
A: Yes, you may schedule a tow in advance by providing us with a 30 minute time frame in which you would like us to arrive.

Q: Do you only tow vehicles?
A: Absolutely not, we have moved air condition units, skylights, trees, stones, roofing material, playhouses, helicopters, boats and shipping containers to name a few.

Q: Do you accept checks for payment?
A: We no longer accept personal checks to pay for towing charges, unless you are a AAA member as AAA National will guarantee your check per membership.
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